What kind of lighting should you use?

Bocci lights in the kitchen

Nowadays, the design of various interiors has become very important. Above all, the living room is important, as it is the place where people spend a very large part of their lives. To make it as pleasant as possible

, it is necessary to invest in good quality light.

What to choose?

Why will the chandelier be the best choice?

It is worth starting with the style in which the living room will be decorated. When it is quite a classic room, it is worth choosing a Bocci chandelier

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, which will become the focal point of the room. In this way, it will become the decoration and the main source of light. This is one of the most important points, because this is how you create an atmosphere that is unforgettable. For this reason, everyone should pay attention to whether the chandelier will do its job in the living room.

Other lamps just as good?

Using the options of Bocci lights, you can feel that all the choices will turn out to be the right ones. This way, no matter what type of room you have, you can choose the perfect light source for the occasion. This makes the possibilities in terms of interior design almost endless. For this reason, any self-respecting architect should know how to choose a lamp for the styling of rooms. In this way, all decorative elements will create a perfect whole.

In conclusion, using Bocci lights in interior design you can gain a new quality in terms of arrangement. Thanks to this, each room will become even more unique and original. This will be appreciated by people who love unique style and always want to be first at all costs!

Designer beds for your bedroom


Designer beds are getting more and more popular every year. It’s probably caused by the fact, that they are comfortable and allow you to design a highly aesthetic inside of your house. How to pick the best luxury bed for your appartment?

Homogeneity is important

It’s really important to keep your bedroom in one style. It wouldn’t look good if you’d put one of the luxury designer beds made in a classic style in a bedroom designed in a romantic style. Try to keep the insides in one style and similar colors to get the best possible visual effect. This way

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, you will have a really aesthetic bedroom, with a bed made with high quality materials.

Why should we buy luxury beds?

Luxury designer beds not only look great and fashionable. They are also made out of high quality materials, which makes them durable (check designer beds here). You don’t have to worry about your bed breaking within a couple of months after buying it.

The luxury beds can also be made out of recycled materials

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, which is great for the planet. If this is a point that matters to you, pay attention to it while buying you luxury designer bed.

Sleep well in your new bed

Among other pros, luxury beds are just highly comfortable. You can be sure, that you will get a good night’s sleep in it, without moving around on an uncomfortable mattress.

Don’t wait any longer: think about things that matter to you when choosing a luxury bed and find one, that you will find nice, comfortable and matching the style of the rest of the room. Good luck buyding your bed!

Popular lamps to our house

Few people are aware, but the lamps in our home play a very important role. Thanks to them that our flat can look great. Thanks to a properly arranged interior

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, we will also feel great in it. So what lamps are worth paying attention to while being in the store?

The right lamps for our interior

Definitely in the recent time we can meet a lot of different lamps for our home or to the apartment. This is not surprising, because the producers meet the expectations of their customers and thus decide to produce various models that suit everyone’s tastes. It is worth remembering that one of the most important lamps is small, side lighting in our room. A great idea is to buy, for example, designer Victoria table lamp. It is the Victoria table lamp that can dramatically change our space. However, how can this do it?

Above all, when deciding on such a small lamp for our room, we can be sure that it will not be the main source of light, but it will create a great mood in our room. Thanks to this after dark, if for example we are very tired or if we want to eat with our beloved romantic dinner, we can turn on just such a lamp to create a perfect, romantic atmosphere. Contrary to appearances, such lamps are not large, they do not cost too much money. However, thanks to them that we can make our room have a completely different character. Therefore, we will be much more likely to be there after dark, because we will have different lighting control options in our rooms. This investment definitely pays off.

The best luxury home design

Do you decorate the salon and you have no idea for the arrangement? Very often it is a problem for many people. Here are some proven ways to decorate the living room, as well as the choice of furniture will not be so difficult.

interior design

KOOKU – luxury home design

The living room is the most representative room. It is here that the family spends lazy Saturday afternoons and evenings after a busy day. What interior design favors the relaxation of the household? Instead of looking for and combining different furniture in the living room, it is worth choosing a style that is consistent in style, modern or classic.

The advantage of classic interior design is above all the timeless style that has captivated the family for years. Warm colors of upholstery evoking the perfect wood figure, rounded shapes, decorative handles and carved fronts, this is the secret of the classic arrangement of the living room. If you are looking for furniture that allows you to create a warm and homely atmosphere

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, it’s worth getting acquainted with the luxury home design.

A modern arrangement of a living room is a space in which geometric shapes dominate, devoid of unnecessary details and ornaments. Such furniture for the living room creates an interior economical in form, aesthetic and functional. An example of a new look at cabinet design or dresser is luxury home design.

The living room is a place of rest, which is why there must not be a comfortable and fashionable sofa in it. Classic style will work in a classic interior design. Complementing the modern living room will be a large sofa with a decorative LED strip and the possibility of a wired or wireless audio player connection.

Popular half moon coffee table

A modern living room is today not only an original sofa, armchair or fashionable lighting, but also designer accessories. One of the elements of the interior design of this room is the KOOKU – half moon coffee table. Like a small, inconspicuous addition, and it is thanks to him that your salon will gain a timeless design. Here’s what coffee table to choose and what to look for when choosing it.

Before you go shopping, remember to measure the sofa and armchairs at which the half moon coffee table will stand. It should also be adapted to the decor of your interior. As far as its dimensions are concerned, it must be definitely shorter than the sofa and slightly narrower than it. Otherwise it will look clumsy against other furniture. His height is equally important. Modern coffee tables are usually too low, only 20 cm high. They look beautiful in minimalist interiors, but usually turn out to be impractical.

Before buying a coffee table, think about what it would serve you for? If it has only a decorative function

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, buy a lower one. However, if you expect that we will be able to comfortably put a cup of coffee or a saucer on it

, the table should be higher than the sofa seat, which is 45-55 cm in height.

The issue of its weight is also important. If you want to put a coffee table right in front of the sofa, change it daily, not only will it be a nuisance, it can also damage the floor. Therefore, choose one that you will not be able to move. The ideal solution will be a coffee table on wheels.

What luxury furniture to choose?

The living room is a place where social gatherings take place, it spends a lot of time in it

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, so it has to be decorated in a way that it will be warm and provide a home-like atmosphere. Properly selected furniture due to its unique and unique character can change the interior into a cozy place, and every household member will be happy to spend time there.

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Bomma lightings for decorative living room

When we think about how to illuminate the living room, we need to understand the importance of a suitably shaped lighting arrangement.Bomma
Taking into account the diversity of needs as well as the temperaments of the household members


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, the daily space should have many possibilities of its creation. Above all, it should be ensured that the main light illuminates the central space of the living room. Avoiding strong and sharp sources of light that can spoil the atmosphere is one of the most important factors. The light scattered in the interior of the lighting fitting matched to the interior style will be suitable, effectively and effectively diffusing the light. A Bomma dimmer is also effective in the living room, check this in KookuDesign. The choice of decorative lamps on the market is unlimited, so its excess may be difficult for us.
Another type of lighting that introduces a pleasant, cozy atmosphere is Bomma wall lighting in the form of sconces. It builds the atmosphere of the room and allows the use of indirect light, which saves our sight in the evenings. The sources of local lighting work in a similar way, including floor standing lamps with adjustable luminous flux. Thanks to it, without any harm to the eyes, we will be able to enjoy the reading of an engaging book.

Preparing a modern interior

designer rugs

Nowadays, many people decide to buy a house or flat and wonder how to arrange it as best as possible. Interior designers enjoy great popularity among young couples who want to create ideal living conditions. What should be taken into consideration except an obvious things like the color of walls and floors? Maybe a short word about some decorations…

Big designer rugs are a very good decorative element. Shops offer a large selection of colors and designs of these products. It is worth remembering that carpets need to be cleaned in a particularly delicate way. The bristles are filled with all kinds of harmful mites and are often covered with hair. Modernity is becoming very popular. Many catalogs with interior photos show how important the role of designers rugs in rooms is. Children are very happy to spend time playing on the carpet

, because it is warm and soft. The most important aspect in the process of choosing the right carpet should be accurately measure the room and purchase the most appropriate size. People know that modern rugs can change the look of any room. Designer rugs can be easily used in classic, modern and even scandinavian arrangements.

In general, carpets are becoming an increasingly important interior addition. Their application is seen by more and more designers. In addition, interesting patterns of modern rugs can be used in both classic and exclusive modern arrangements. Some can also be used for glamor arrangements.

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A little stucco with modernity

Stucco is an idea not only for classic interior but for the modern ones as well. Once, it is decorated with only aristocratic salons, today everyone can have it in their home.

Stucco already known in antiquity, became popular only in the Renaissance – the putto was a very popular motif at that time, a small winged angel referring to the ancient god Eros. Its golden age fell on the eighteenth century, when classic buildings appeared like mushrooms after the rain. The stucco, like the grapevine, rose overwhelming the façades of big-town tenement houses and palaces, as well as their rich interiors. Today, he returns triumphantly; Although it refers to the motifs that dominated in the Baroque and Classicist times

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, stylists suggest to decorate it not only traditional but also ultramodern interiors. Made of stucco, we will create even English paneling or frames defining wall paintings. And because stone and plaster, expensive and difficult to process materials, have been replaced by light styrofoam and polyurethane

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, moldings, cornices and rosettes, we can successfully install ourselves. Such stucco can be efficently mixed with modern  Vanessa Mitrani additives creating a concept of classic and modernism.

Additions to the interior can very efficiently raise the luxury of a house or flat. Modern Vanessa Mitrani accessories work very well in any arrangement. By using all the decorations and stucco, every owner of a house or flat can create an unprecedented atmosphere.